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Our Council

building bridges of understanding
within our individual communities


Latter-day Saints are given a commandment to bring the Church "out of obscurity." Today, thousands of faithful Latter-day Saints serving in Communication callings work hard to help people better understand who we are and what we believe.  As active participants in our communities and recognizing specific needs, we host events, dinners, service projects and other activities to strengthen relationships between the community and the Church. 

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Communication councils and specialists work alongside those in their areas to benefit their communities, correct misconceptions, and demonstrate that Church members follow Jesus Christ. These dedicated people help organizations and individuals communicate positive and accurate messages about the Church and project a positive image. Through our efforts, the Church may be better understood and appreciated, thus prominent individuals may feel more inclined to help the Church in various ways, helping to build bridges of understanding within our communities. 

Church history is replete with examples of influential individuals, not of our faith, who have befriended the Church. Favorably impressed with the good that the Church represents, such individuals frequently endorse Church actions, authorize Church requests, or defend the Church in times of need. Positive relationships provide the foundation for all of these benefits. 

Members of Our Council
  • Jack Shirley, Agent Stake President

  • Becky Davies, Communication Director

  • Peter Knobloch, Assistant Director, Government/Religious Liberty

  • Sherri Knobloch, Assistant Director, Outreach, Executive Secretary

  • Dianna Packard, Assistant Director, Historical Sites

  • Donna Bennett, Assistant Director, Historical Sites

  • Andrew & Debbie Quiroz, Self-Reliance Coordinators

  • Lisa Dirkmaat, Media Relations

  • Siobhan Downing, Social Media Coordinator

  • Terri Sorensen, Emergency Response Coordinator

  • Stephen Egbert, Emergency Communication Coordinator

  • Robin Gephart, JustServe Coordinator

  • Emily Wichmann, Hispanic Outreach, Education Specialist

  • Leslie & Chris Meacham, Community Outreach Specialists

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