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We believe that through perseverance, education, and through our own effort, we can work toward and achieve the practical needs of life. The education and employment initiative is a tool to help.

In the initiative, much of the work takes place in small groups that combine education with practical skills. Members of the community help instruct the courses in places of worship and in community centers across the country. Groups are focused on one of four areas: employment, education, personal finances, or starting and growing a business. These courses include professionally developed training course materials to help improve the quality of life within communities.

Life isn’t always fair. Some people are born into privilege, perhaps even lives of luxury. Others struggle to find success. George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” One thing we all have is agency: the ability to choose, no matter our circumstances.

the education & employment initiative


For those who are looking for work or a better job. Group members will learn to identify opportunities, network, present themselves professionally, and prepare for job interviews. They will also set goals for contacts and interviews. 


For those who need additional education or training to get a job. Group members will research, create, and present career and education plans. They will also spend time each week practicing skills that will help them be more effective learners.

personal finance

For those who want better control over their finances. Group members will learn how to eliminate debt, protect against financial hardship, and invest in the future. They will create a financial plan and follow a budget. Spouses are encouraged to attend together.

starting & growing a business

This group will help you learn to make wise business decisions as you start or grow a business. Group members will learn key business skills such as identifying customer needs, finding customers, and keeping good business records.

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